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The Prologue Of The Story...

It's December, 17th, 2019, You have a court appointment to go to. Hurry up before your late... But when u get there u discover a series of recordings in the form of notes that came from 1 other person that’s in the court house. How long will both of u last?... P.S, Will you find the url that's within the game that leads to a secret message?...

What's Different About The Lighting In Tikyo Love's You Than In I'm Home?...

Tikyo Love's You features realtime lighting unlike I'm Home

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Voice Actors



Mouse - Look Around
WASD - Move Around
Right Mouse Button - Zoom
E - To Read Notes
Left Shift - Sprint




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I didn't see it coming hahahaha

Thx for playing!, It's been a while since anyone has posted here lol. I've got a demo for a new upcoming horror game of mine coming out real soon here. So be on the lookout for that!

No one destroys games like i do, that monster never saw it coming...either did i.

thx for playing

I played this game some time ago and I enjoyed playing it! Definitely a great jumpscare at the end which nearly made me fall out of my chair! Hope to see more projects! 

thx for playing!


played this awhile back it got me good!!


I felt my soul leave my body with that lol

thx so much for playing!

That jumpscare nearly took my life away! lol subscribe if you haven't already, it would mean so much!

thx for playing!

Anytime! it was really cool to play and definitely had me on the edge of my seat waiting for something to scare me lol

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Pros and cons are down below. Check out my vid (the 2d game):


1. UNEXPECTED! Like, I genuinely thought that the game is unfinished atm. So, that was really ironic in the vid, you can check out if you would like)

2. Voice acting. Really cool, I enjoyed it quite a lot! Though, the last couple of phrases were not so great - a bit ludicrous with all that "no noo nooooooo".

3. Very nice office design.

4. Great pacing - I especially like how you started building tension before the start of the game with that disclaimer of yours)

Disadvantages (more like areas for future development)):

1. The notes are hard to notice at first - maybe a slight glow would help.

2. The link didn't work fir me - maybe I typed it wrong :(

3. The corridor near main office space (the one with a flickering light) did not play any role (or maybe I missed something) - but that would be cool if it had a purpose.

Overall, I liked the game. The scare was a bit cheap - but the pacing was nice. Hilarious last voice-acted words kinda ruined the tension a little - but I still very much enjoyed the experience.

Hope my feedback was useful!

Thx For Playing! I'm currently working on a new game! If you'd like to stay up to date on news about my projects. Then consider joining my official discord: https://discord.gg/utjyW3z

Thanks for your reply! I'll check the discord out)

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hey friend, download your game and it looks great, the bad thing is that when I open the game I put the settings at ease (1280x720, graphics: media) but once I click on "play" everything is reset and is at 1366x768 and high graphics and the fps go to 5-10 and I can not play, any solution?

I’m not sure why this is happening to you. I’ve not had this issue so I’m not sure what’s wrong. Maybe try and delete it and re download it.

The truth, this is the second time I downloaded it after many days

Dig the slow burn! Totally worth it! 

Thx for playing!


Thx for playing!

My pleasure, was an awesome game!

https://discord.gg/5HPsey U can click this link to join my official discord to stay up to date on future projects. Because one is coming soon...

I don't know what is wrong with my game but once i reach the end, the audio clip which i think is supposed to be the end plays, where it says stuff like "don't come any closer" but then nothing happens. i dont know if it is just me but there is no ending or jumpscare or anything

The best option would be to watch one of the many wonderful youtuber's play it. That way u'll be able to see what u missed. No your game isn't bugged. thx for playing!

Hahaha this was such a fun little game! I did not expect that ending though LOL!

thx for playing!

This game literally made me instant replay my shnit at the end... 'Cuz holy Lord Tokimune!!!

I really enjoyed it, and I hope you guys can enjoy the experience with me as well. I recommend you to play it. 

-Smooches, XxMelodicaxX

thx so much for playing!

Of course! Thank you for making the game!

I know i said i was quitting but maybe not just yet. If u'd like to stay up to date on announcements or game releases and more than feel free to join my official discord


The end gave me an outer body experience. Thats how BAD the jumpscare was lmaoo. But it was cool!!! I hope you enjoy the gameplay 

thx for playing!

hey, just wanted to say I was playing this game with my girlfriend trying to be big man and big brain. well thanks. now I'm single with 10 kids all to myself because she died of a heart attack. well she had blue hair so ig its what she deserved.

Thx For playing!, also not to be rude but i'm hoping your joking.

I almost had a heart attack !!! Thank you for the game :)

thx for playing!

a pesar de ser muy corto fue entretenido jugarlo >w<

thx for playing

I dont love Tikyo.

Thx for playing!

i dont love tikyo T_T 


Thx for playing!

Played it. Shit my pants. NEXT! XD

SKIP TO 13:07!!!

thx for playing

(1 edit)

The first 10 minutes of this experience are a janky but tolerable build up to an ear piercingly loud jump scare that detracts from every possible good mark I could give. My secret wasn't Kindness.

Things to improve.

Voice acting had a lot of general awkwardness but these things tend to happen in indie games, not having voice acted notes is always an option.

Map design needs to be vastly slim lined, a good 70% of the map is just completely unnused and the latter 30% devolves into back tracking and going from the same desk in every room back to the start.

I could complain about the jumpscare but I already did that in the video so, in general, normalize the audio levels. The note reading was extremely quiet compared to the nonsense shriek that the "monster" gives out. While I appreciate that some people may consider that to be part of the experience, it really undermines any atmosphere that was generated.

Otherwise mate, wherever you go from here is up to you, just make sure it's a good one.

Thx for ur opinions they are taken seriously and optimistically.

I really enjoyed this and the jump got me really good! Could definitely use a few little tweaks but very decent! I loved the hidden message as well!

(This is the first game on the video)

Thx so much for playing!

Well...was interesting....I liked it.

thx for playing


Thanks for creating! With a couple of tweaks this could go far.

Thx for playing!


I was waiting for something like that and still got scared

Thx for playing my game!

Thx for game

Not even scary....I did not scream like a little girl even once....you believe me right? RIGHT?! But seriously awesome job with this! To the dev, thank you for sharing your games with us! I wish you the best of luck! Starts at 19:55!


Thx for playing my game!

I loved how this game looked; it was amazing, and it definitely upped the creep factor. I enjoyed it so much that I made a video on it for the creator to see a players reaction. The video has 3 games in it and this is the first.

P.S Loved the beat at the beginning.

Thx for playing my game!

Dude, I got the secret message. I can't believe you're just giving up already. I also did give up on my DeviantArt account. I used to be a digital artist but since long I've been a huge failure. You know, I wish I could create games like you do, I'm completely useless while you still got your talent. Just letting you know that there is people who wish that they could be like you, and one of those people is me.

~~Cyber Princess~~

Thx for ur message, and I'm touched that people including u lookup to me. I'm not sure if i'll continue or not but i'll think about continuing. P.S I believe that if u were once a digital artist that u can do it again give it another try and I guess I will to I believe in you and don't forget that :)


Awwww that's sweet. Thank you very much but I'm also very confused about continuing or giving up. Maybe sometime in the future I'll bring it up again, but right now I can't. And I wish you continue making amazing games for us gamers, we love it, and Markiplier is definitely gonna play your game so cheer up :)

it’d be awesome if he did play it also I might have something coming for u gamers

Yay :3

Nice game


Great job Dude! The graphics, atmosphere and the story are great. Everything is just very insteresting. I think you could add a little more things to do along the way but still, great job!

I actually made a video playing this amazing game with hilarious reactions.

I hope you enjoy. Keep the good work dude!

Thx so much for playing!

(1 edit)

(05:47) This game was SO HORRYFYING that i could not even finnish it..

Thx for playing!

Had to RE-Upload 


What is the secret message? I need a password to view it and I don't know what the password is.

Password was shown on the special thanks to screen after u complete the game

Oh I normally close the game after I complete it. I'm gonna re-play it later.

Glad i could help

HOOO BOY!!!! HAHAHA This... this is a good one. Thank you so much for sharing! For those of you who want to see THAT reaction, try 13:55


Thx for playing!

Honestly, Holy Hell!!! This game had a great jump scare and I loved playing it

Thx for playing!

Just when you think you're done.

Thx for playing!

Really lured me into a false sense of security and nearly killed me with that scare.  Well done.

Thx so much for playing!

This game got me, got me gooooood. I felt my heart want to jump out of my chest there at the end, haha. 

Thx for playing!

(1 edit)

Also i feel really bad for jumpscaring you when u had issues before hand with ur heart :(

Haha, nooo, it's my fault for playing it! I loved it though :D

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