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Update I'm Home The Full Game Has Been Temporarily Taken Down...

With the demo having over 1,100 downloads... I'm proud to present...

I'm Home The Full Game

Chapter 1 Is Available Now!

Chapters 2-5 Will Be Coming Soon!

If you find any bugs, comment on here or email me!


WASD - To Walk

Mouse - To Look Around

Right Mouse Button - To Zoom In

F - To Turn On And Off Your Flashlight

E - To Pick Up And Read Notes, And To Turn Lights On And Off, And To Open The Shower Door

Q - To Pull Out Your Phone, And Put Your Phone Away

Press And Hold The Left Mouse Button - To Pick Up Boxes

Stop Holding The Left Mouse Button - To Drop Boxes

Have Fun!, Also if your a Youtuber feel free to make a video playing my game and post the link in the comments on here and I'll watch it!

Development log


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i hate the motion blur 

Thanks for letting me know! I always appreciate opinions!

After the demo and this I am intrigued as to where the story is going but chapter one is kind of boring. The stacking and sorting stuff takes way too long for there to be no payoff or point to it (unless I did it wrong). 

But good luck with development, if you decide to continue the game I will take a look at what else you come up with. 

Somethings Coming...


Thanks for playing chapter one!

Hey Bob ! thanks for the awesome opportunity to play the full release! love the graphics update!!! but i was hoping for a little more horror like the demo?? hopefully it will come in the chapter 2-5, i made a video, but i kinda want to wait until more chapters are out to post it on my youtube channel! Cant wait for the next chapter!! 

Best of luck


Thanks! Also chapter 2 is when the horror starts so you have that to look forward to!

After picking up mail in the second part and looking downward, the envelope seemed to disappear below the floor and not come back.

Also following a stacking exercise immediately with another one is... well, kinda boring.

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I will be changing some stuff in chapter one. Also I will be releasing chapter 2, which in chapter 2 is when the horror begins. So if your interested in checking out the game again this weekend when I release an update then i'd appreciate your updated opinion.

I just posted a new development log!

I just released an update! To know more about the update read the Update V1.6.1 development log!

Finally there's more. I'm looking forward to the next chapters release. The game looks beautiful and runs smoothly. I can tell a lot of work went into it and I truly enjoyed this experience. I will leave my gameplay below to watch if you are interested.

Thanks For Playing Chapter One! The other chapters are being worked on.